Welcome to the Albany Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club (Albany Chapter) main page. As a chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK), the Albany Chapter is dedicated to the protection and responsible recreational use of the New York Forest Preserve, parks and other wild lands and waters. The Chapter is a wholly volunteer-based organization committed to public service and stewardship. It seeks to use a balanced approach to outdoor recreation, advocacy, environmental education and natural resource conservation.

The Albany Chapter was established on October 13, 1922, just six months after the founding of the Main Club. Twenty-nine members made up the founding membership. Today the Albany Chapter membership numbers over 2,000 voting members, making it one of the largest, and most active ADK Chapters.

Chapter Address:  Albany Chapter ADK, Inc., P.O. Box 2116, ESP Sta., Albany, New York 12220

Chapter Web address: www.adk-albany.org

Location:  Most of the members of the ALBANY CHAPTER of ADK live in the Capital District and surrounding areas.  Affiliate members live throughout New York State and other states.

Home Chapter/Affiliate: When joining ADK you can designate Albany Chapter as your home chapter at no extra charge.  You get the Cloudsplitter (the chapter's newsletter which includes the activity schedule) and can vote at meetings.  Members of other chapters can "affiliate" with the Albany Chapter which puts them on the Cloudsplitter mailing list for an additional $10.50 per year sent to headquarters along with their membership dues.  Memberships are for a full year, no matter when you join.

Bulletin Board

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Do your part to conserve energy and Chapter resources. The Albany Chapter recognizes our responsibility to protect our environment, save energy and at the same time reduce the increasing printing cost of our newsletter. But we need your help! Almost 50% ($10,000-$11,000) of our budget is for the publication of the printed Cloudsplitter, and US postal rates are due to increase. The Cloudsplitter will always be available to members who want it, but there is a value and a benefit to going paperless. This will reduce the amount of paper coming into our homes and reduce the energy it takes to produce and handle it. The savings we hope to realize will give us more resources for Chapter projects and activities that can benefit the Albany membership and our outdoor community. Advantages! Our website now offers easy access to an Interactive Outings Calendar, current events, forums and the ability to view or print the current Cloudsplitter. An archive of prior years' issues is included as well. The Cloudsplitter online is also available 2-3 weeks before the issue arrives in your mailbox. You can avoid getting closed out of events and hikes by accessing the online listing sooner. In addition, you will find updates to activities (highlighted in red) that have been added, cancelled or changed after publication of the Cloudsplitter. Act now and go to the "Opt Out" page for the printed Cloudsplitter. It just takes a minute or two.

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DEC Summer Education Camps The Albany Chapter will again sponsor up to 3 youngsters (ages 11-17) to attend one session of the DEC Summer Education Camps this year (2017).

Applications submitted by the youngster/family will be accepted by DEC starting in January. We will post the data and time here too once its available, but you have to move fast to get registered!
Go to www.dec.gov/education for complete information.
If you would like to apply for sponsorship by the chapter, please contact Thea Hoeth at thoeth109<at>gmail<dot>com

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It is very important that everyone shares fairly in transportation costs to ease the burden on drivers. When participating in chapter outings, please be sure to share in the cost of the gas factoring in the distance and current price of gas. Ideally, it would be great if drivers bore little expense as they are providing their car and driving services. Leaders should remind participants of this at the start of the activity.

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If you like to draw outdoor-related landscapes in pen and ink, we’d love to have your sketches for the Cloudsplitter.  Seasonally related themes such as landscapes, wildlife, camping, hiking, paddling, and biking are all worthy subjects. Please send sketches to Karen Ross at 7 Bird Rd., Lebanon Springs, NY 12125.

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The Ways and Means Committee has a table setup at all chapter meetings. We offer all current ADK books and other items at the best discount you will find - we don't keep a dime in profits. It's another one of your benefits as an ADK member!

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