EPF and Catskill Park Lobby Days ( February 6th and 12th )

1) The Catskill Park Coalition has scheduled Catskill Park Day for Tuesday February 6th, 9am to 4pm in Albany, NY. If you would like to volunteer to talk to New York State Legislators about why you love the Catskill Park, you should join us for Catskill Park Day on February 6th. 

Sign-up for the Feb 6th Catskill Park Day at this link:
(copy and paste this link into your browser on "Learn More" to sign-up)

Workshops to help you understand Catskill Park issues (before talking to legislators on Feb 6th) are offered at the Catskill Center on January 25 at 6pm; and January 13th at 3pm.

Contact Jonathan Mogelever to register for workshops (or Catskill Park Day) at 845-586-2611 x 116 or jmogelever@catskillcenter.org. You can participate in the Jan 13 or Jan 25 workshops by phone or by attending at the Catskill Center, 43355 State Highway 28, PO Box 504, Arkville, NY 12406.

2) The We Love NY Coalition has scheduled the EPF Lobby Day for Monday February 12th in Albany, NY. If you would like to volunteer to talk to New York State Legislators about why you love Public Land, Trails, Summit Stewards, Fighting Invasive Species, or Protecting Clean Water (etc.), you should join us for EPF Lobby Day on February 12th.

Sign-up for the Feb 12th EPF Lobby Day at this link:

More information on Feb 6th or 12th will be emailed to you closer to the event after you sign-up. You do not need previous lobbying experience to participate. Your desire to share your stories and experiences about why you love public lands is all you need.

If you would like to find your State Senator, use this link:

If you would like to find your Assembly Member, use this link:


Cathy Pedler
Government Relations and Conservation
Adirondack Mountain Club
301 Hamilton Street
Albany, NY 12210
518-449-3870 x10
Working for Wilderness, adk.org


Help Monitor Illegal ATV Use of the Taconic Crest Trail (TCT)

The Albany Chapter and Taconic Hiking Club have been monitoring the issue of ATV trespass on the TCT. A local forest ranger has been vigorously enforcing state regulations, and has apprehended several riders. DEC has repaired ATV damage on sections of the trail and posted positive signage at several trailhead locations. It's important that we hike the trail and monitor any illegal ATV activity. Please help us monitor ATV activity on the TCT.

Report any incidences to:

DEC Ranger : Hannah O'Connor,
c: (518) 414-4605
o: (518) 357-1261
Dispatch: (518)408-5850

Please also copy ADK at:
David Pisaneschi,
Albany ADK, ESP,
PO Box 2116, Albany, NY 12220

or at dapadk@gmail.com

Please include descriptions of individuals and vehicles, license numbers, along with date, time and location on trail. PLEASE DO NOT CHALLENGE OR CONFRONT ATV USERS. Any photos of ATVs and damage along the trail would also be useful.

If you have questions or want to know more about these issues, please contact David Pisaneschi at: dapadk@gmail.com or 459-5969.

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